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    Abu Maroof

    Abu Maroof

    Front-end Developer

    “ My name is Abu Maroof.
    I am an experienced and qualified ESL teacher with a British postgraduate teaching licence for teaching English as a Second Language and 28 years’ experience, across levels from young learners to adults. I have significant experience teaching young adult students in preparation for university entrance on foundation and diploma courses in tertiary education, as well as preparing students to sit the IELTS exam. Recently, I have worked as an English teacher trainer on a government education project with an international school in Beijing, while also completing an MEd at Athabasca University.

    Currently, I am really enjoying teaching English, while also working as Distance Education faculty at a German University.

    In my free time, I love creative writing, photography and travel. I am also re-visiting my Spanish, which I had not used much for 17 years! I love the language and chatting with the locals in Spanish and learning about their pirate-heritage. Utila is a fascinating island!. ”

    Dr. A.S.M. Shoyeb Ahmad

    Dr. A.S.M. Shoyeb Ahmad

    ALERT Publications

    “ Allah, the Lord of the worlds, is the creator of all the existing languages
    on the earth. The vowels and sentences of those languages are of
    different types. No apparent resemblance can be perceived among
    those languages. This difference among languages is the holder and
    carrier of national identity. Although there is no similarity among
    languages in terms of phonetics and structures, astonishingly some
    similarities in grammatical terms can be observed. And it proves that
    all the languages evolved from the same origin.
    Language Researcher and skilled writer, Dr. Shoyeb Ahmed has
    indulged in inventing a method of learning English and Arabic
    simultaneously by depicting the grammatical resemblances among
    languages, which he has named “Integrated Method of Learning Many
    Languages”. I hope that the readers will be able to master a language
    very easily through this.
    I wish that the writer and his writings keep achieving success. ”

    Najmus Sakehin MH

    Najmus Sakehin MH

    Web Developer

    “ Web Designer & Web Developer, Graphic designer from Bangladesh offers php and MySql based Dynamic and Static Website Design & Development, Joomla Administration, Template building & Customizing, WordPress Administration & Customizing, cPanel / WHM Administration, Design works & your SEO needs… ”

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